It has never been so important than now to ensure your skills and competencies are up to date. 

Our programs have been designed by our team who have decades of experience in the corporate world at a global level. 

We have created courses that touch five core areas:

  1. Individual skills and abilities (includes creating presentations, and much more),
  2. Interactive and collaborative skills (such as cultural awareness, giving feedback and much more)
  3. Enhancing leadership skills and abilities (including leading through changes, managing conflicts, etc)
  4. Becoming an expert leader (giving you the mean to develop skills for leading virtual teams, leading through uncertainty & more) and finally…
  5. Coaching packages to enhance your learning.

"The programs are insightful, impactful and interactive. The programs are unique and we are able to apply what we learn right away"

- Past Student, UAE

Hi, we are Monica & Philippe

We have been there. We bridge coaching skills with 50 years of corporate experience.

With many decades of corporate experience, we know the challenges, understand the needs of people, realise we need to adapt and that skills must evolve.

We design and deliver programs for corporates and individuals. Our programs are CPD and ITOL accredited and on completion every student will receive a formal certificate.

Coaching is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is a powerful and impactful way to manage and lead others. Our executive coaching programs take you on a journey towards achieving your goals and creating the life you desire.

Created by ICF-accredited and award winning coaches, our programs are ready for you to use right away. 

From helping you deal with remote management, conflicts across teams, getting the best from your people, preparing for appraisal processes to leading global teams, coaching provide the means to effectively operate at work. 

Ready for the next promotion? Want to support staff who are struggling? To gain the best from your job and career?